Popular Games for PS4

09 Nov

PS4 has been around for some years now, and it has offered players different experiences depending on the games they choose to play. Even though the PS5 may be replacing it, it will not become extinct. You can play the game or save it up for later and still enjoy the thrill.

Here are some popular games for PS4 you can enjoy.


When it comes to Dreams, you become the creator of what you want in a game. You can create your characters, short films, full-length plays, and structures. If you enjoy being in control and choosing what is best for you, Dreams is the way to go.

Death Stranding

Launched in 2019, Death Stranding is one of the best games you will play. The Sam Bridges delivers supplies to post-apocalyptic Earth's survivors. In this PS4 game, you get to control the bridges, and you can create the infrastructure to make your journeys smooth.  

If you love Hideo Kojima, then Death Stranding will also appeal to you. 

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is based on real-world historical events. There is a samurai fighter by the name Jin Sakai that you control as he fights the Mongols who invaded Japan in the 13th century. There is more to this broad game to spice it, like collecting doodads, horse-riding, and solving puzzles.

Devil May Cry 5

The sequel Devil May Cry 4 has been running for over a decade, and now the next is out. Devil May Cry 5, released by Capcom, gives a thrill to both fans and new players. It may not be effortless initially, but once you learn the ropes, you will enjoy every bit of it. 

You can choose to be Nero, V, and Dante, who are supernatural warriors fighting against their foes using guns or swords.

Pure Hold 'em

Pure Hold 'em is one of the Pure series that offers players amazing visuals, smooth running gameplay, and the most refined experiences. You can join a group of eight friends or an open table that wants a poker fix and come up with a tournament. You can start at the Joker table and proceed to the Master's table at the top level. 

You can use credits to buy a way into the game, play the blinds, or use other tactics until you emerge the winner.

Once you win, there is another table of a higher level you can enter. That is not the end as there are higher levels to conquer and increase your winnings.


Apart from the above games, there are other exciting PS4 games you can play. Your tastes and preferences will guide you to the game you will find most appealing.

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